Think Tank Express: Jon Stewart to Chicago: Drop Dead


Here we go again: Overrated, blowhard host of The Daily Show slams Chicago again

Jon Stewart went after Chicago again Wednesday night on The Daily Show – this time not over pizza, but for the city’s residents for re-electing Rahm Emanuel for a second term on Tuesday, defeating challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, 55 percent to 45 percent (for the record, yours truly wasn’t one of them.)

While the national media hasn’t really paid attention to the special runoff election, it didn’t escape the outgoing Daily Show host – who lambasted the city for re-electing Emanuel, calling the city out for “blatant crimes against humanity” and once again ripped the city’s violence, saying the crime rate “is so bad even Detroit left.”


Is this coming out of Stewart’s mouth or Rush Limbaugh’s?

As you recall, the liberal Stewart slammed the city in November 2013 after Emanuel complained about losing the tallest building title to New York’s new skyscraper, ripping our town’s deep dish pizza as “an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats.”

Stewart. Dude. What the hell do you have against Chicago?

Of course, Chicago takes its knocks from blowhards from the left (Stewart) and the right (O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Mancow) and has been disrespected by the national media for years (see the piece of crap CNN produced called Chicagoland.) But some of it is the Windy City’s own making: crime, the murder rate, the corruption, racial segregation, and of course the follies of the local radio industry, which yours truly pointed out two weeks ago. Only in Chicago where a has-been loser like Mancow Mueller can “win” a sham radio contest -just like in politics.

Surprised Stewart didn’t even mention Chicago radio – would’ve been the perfect icing on the cake.

And yes, this stuff does have an impact: Chicago’s radio revenue in 2014 was down 10 percent from the previous year. Chicago being painted as a national embarrassment in everything does not help. And as yours truly pointed out two weeks ago right here in this space, Chicago isn’t exactly home to the most “progressive” and “open-minded” people on earth as these humanoids think the travesty of Cheryl Scott’s wardrobe is a bigger deal than the city’s problems.

Geez, maybe Stewart had a point.

Stewart announced in February he was leaving The Daily Show later this year to be replaced by Trevor Noah, who was criticized for sexist and anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter a few years ago.

Of course Stewart defended the “comedian”. Great future ahead for The Daily Show. Hell, even the Bulls’ Joakim Noah would’ve made a better host.

What yours truly said about Stewart and The Daily Show after “pizzagate” can be read here and yes, it still resonates – my opinion of the man hasn’t changed and he does not deserve any of those Emmy Awards he and his show won. Stewart is an unfunny, overrated hack – even more so than Jim Belushi.  [Not really – but close.] And yes, I won’t miss this clown once he leaves. Don’t hit your ass out the door.

Oh, and Stewart, if you’re going to criticize our town, at least do it right.

In running your mouth about Chicago, you didn’t mention Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler fumbles again. (USA Today)