It’s McMornings at The Drive

The Drive is ready for your order
The Drive is ready for your order

McNeil, McMurray to provide WDRV listeners with a morning Happy Meal

Rise and shine, everyone! The McMorning Show is on its way, providing you with Drive-Thru fun, hoping You’re Lovin’ It.

According to, former sports talk show host Dan McNeil and WGN radio host Pete McMurray are close to singing a deal to co-host morning drive at Hubbard’s WDRV-FM, a Album Adult Alternative station. Hubbard officials declined comment.

Think of it as a Big Mac (McNeil) and McFlurry (McMurray) Value Meal.

The duo would replace¬†Steve Downes, who announced his retirement Friday after fourteen years at The Drive. He has been the station’s only morning drive host since its inception in 2001.

McNeil, a fixture at CBS-owned WSCR-AM (and for a brief period at rival WMVP) turned down a deal to return to the station last week. McNeil apparently also passed on the “open auditions” WLUP-FM was holding for its morning show slot. McNeil had been considered a strong contender for the spot given his knowledge of classic rock music.

McMurray meanwhile, had been evening host on WGN-AM for the last few months, and has been at the station for the last seventeen.

Its not known if the new morning show would actually be titled McMornings, given the title could run afoul of the McDonald’s Corp. But for The Drive’s sake, they better hope the pairing of McNeil and McMurray doesn’t turn out to be like the food at McDonald’s.


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