Welcome to the ninth season

[This piece was originally published on September 15, 2014 on the T Dog Media Facebook and Google Plus pages.]

When yours truly launched T Dog Media on September 18, 2006, I started with a puny blog on Google. Eight years later, the operation has grown leaps and bounds, thanks to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus – not to mention a website yours truly has called home for the last three years.

Back when T Dog Media started, Netflix didn’t exist – and look at the monster it is now, as is other video-on-demand services Hulu and Amazon. New catchphrases were entered our vocabulary such as “binge-watching”. We witnessed Big Media getting bigger and bigger while executives got stupider and stupider.

In an era where the media business – in Chicago and around the world – seems to be getting worse every day, someone needed to analyze and comment on the craziness of the business, from local radio to Kim Kardashian.

And that person is yours truly (among a thousand other people, of course.)

Despite the never-ending changes in this business, T Dog Media continues to analyze, praise, comment, and criticize, using my 30 year knowledge of the industry.

While some local “dark blue” website is more focused on traffic reports and dopey music internet stations while its creator (who is known as the Jar Jar Binks of Chicago media) hides his opinions behind a message board he can control, T Dog Media focuses on today’s media issues with yours truly’s thoughts on the business – upfront and on the page, without the annoying gimmicks and stupid Powerpoint slideshows.

And even though a lot has changed in the eight years, one thing hasn’t changed: Jim Belushi is still the whipping boy around here.

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I want to thank you loyal readers for the support over the years and I’ll keep you informed and entertained as much as I can.

Thanks for the support, and God Bless America.


Terence Henderson

T Dog Media