“Community’s” renewal in a nutshell

In case you haven’t heard, Sony Pictures Television somehow managed to get an unnecessary and unneeded sixth season of Community, perhaps the most overrated sitcom in the history of television.

The sitcom, which was picked up by Yahoo (I didn’t know they were still in business!) already had five seasons under its belt from its NBC run and already enough episodes for syndication (97 at last count.) In fact, reruns of Community debuted in syndication (to weak numbers) and on Comedy Central last fall.

But it wasn’t enough for whiny fans of the sitcom, who plastered social media with their complaints for days after NBC canceled the show.

So how did Yahoo strike a deal to land a sixth season of Community? Real simple. Let The Simpsons show us how:

Who knows? This may also work for the just-as-annoying fanbase of Garry Meier’s.