Comic-Con: A lot of fun on day one

Comic-ConThe 45th annual San Diego Comic-Con extravaganza began on Thursday with all the pageantry, pomp, and circumstance one could ask for.

There was some bad news – the legendary Stan Lee had to bow out of Comic-Con due to illness (laryngitis.) Production delays earlier forced the cancellation of Star Wars VII panel and iZombie screening due to cast changes (but the panel went on as planned.)

But the show must go on – and go on it did! Here are some selected highlights from day one of Comic-Con.

 You can bet your Big Mac that fans were dancing in the aisles when this was announced at the Con: MTV renewed audience favorite Teen Wolf for a fifth season of twenty episodes, which will be split into two mini-seasons. The stars were on hand in Ballroom 20 answering happy fans’ questions.

Based on the 1985 Paramount movie starring Michael J. Fox (a sequel surfaced in 1987 with Jason Bateman in Fox’s role), Wolf was developed for television by Jeff Davis (no relation to the former WLS-AM personality of the same name), who also created Criminal Minds. Teen Wolf draws nearly a million viewers per week and is one of Twitter’s most talked about TV shows.

While fans of Community are overjoyed their beloved series will be coming back for a sixth season on Yahoo, don’t look for the series to be “binged” i.e., releasing all the episodes at once, similar to what Netflix did with Orange Is The New Black and Arrested Development. Instead, each episode will be released on a weekly basis. Creator Dan Harmon didn’t specify a time table for the show to arrive on Yahoo, but it won’t be before Christmas 2014. He said the audience will be watching the show the same as before – “except now legally”.

Stan Lee may not be in San Diego but according to a tweet he sent, he’s in Quahog, thanks to a new app you can download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play, called Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. You won’t find Lee in the game, but you find a lot of other things, including playing stuff as one of your favorite Family Guy characters (however, you can’t drive Meg off a cliff. Sorry.)

Things didn’t exactly go over well at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel on Thursday. The remake of the 1990 box office hit was criticized by many in the crowd for the producers “choices”. Worse, a person who moderated the panel for Paramount thought star Megan Fox was a fan and told her “no more questions.”

Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Pushing Daisies) was on hand for the Hannibal panel at Ballroom 20, though the show’s two leads (Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy) were not present, being out of the country. Fuller revealed in great detail about the upcoming third season of the show, which returns to NBC this fall. To read what Fuller had to say about Hannibal’s third season and more, click here.

Even though Microsoft’s Xbox studios in now closed, its Halo: Nightfall live-action series from Ridley Scott is debuting this November. Running as a five-part miniseries and set between the fourth and the upcoming fifth edition of the video game, Halo follows the exploits of a new character (Jameson Locke) created for the show played by Mike Colter, late of The Good Wife. An agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence, Locke and his unit must hunt down and find an artifact after a biological attack.

Prison Break’s Paul Schering penned the script for Halo: Nightfall while Scott is the executive producer. Watch the trailer below:

And as a bonus, you can watch the entire Halo: Nightfall panel below:



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