Sorry…not sorry: Round 2

Andy Cohen gives Kenya Moore the business.
Andy Cohen gives Kenya Moore the business.

(Editor’s Note: This piece contains… oh, you know the drill. Reader discretion.)

You thought I was done? Another has-been celeb gets into the ring with T Dog Media

After eight years, T Dog Media is finally making a name for itself.

In the most asinine way possible, of course. And believe it or not, that’s a good thing.

Last week if you recall, yours truly got into it with Wil Wheaton over a series of tweets about the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, resulting in him blocking me (for more info, click here.)

And now, yours truly has discovered another D-list celebrity has blocked T Dog Media… Kenya Moore, the former Miss USA and current star (ha ha) of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Unlike Wheaton, yours truly never followed Moore on Twitter (her tweets were often vapid and stupid – you know, much like any Kardashian), though I was a fan of hers during her Miss USA days twenty years ago before her dive in reality TV, which I hate with a passion. When she joined the cast of Real Housewives two years ago, yours truly tweeted she was “a sellout”.

So how can someone go from a positive role model to a running joke twenty years later? Don’t ask me. Maybe it’s her so-called “modeling” (goofy men’s magazines.) Or her “acting”, as she stumbled through several episodes of Girlfriends (it’s just as bad as Wheaton’s acting.) How about the movie Trois she was in? Wow, how many Academy Awards did that snag?

A few weeks ago, Moore gave an interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo’s Watch What Happens. Moore, expecting a soft interview, was thrown many hard questions about her actions at RHOA’s reunion show, which I criticized back in April where Moore was attacked by castmate Porsha Williams after she berated her too much.

Yours truly took exception to what Moore said about the incident, reported by The Wrap, as Moore reportedly said the black community should be offended over Williams  filing charges against her. I posted a very scathing response in the comments section of The Wrap article, and reposted them on social media, including Twitter – with her twitter handle in the tweet I sent out. Here’s my response, which was posted on T Dog Media’s Google Plus and Facebook pages:

“Did Kenya Moore really say the black community should be offended by what Porsha did? BULLSHIT. When was the last time you even set foot in the black community, Kenya? Oh yeah, “violence is never the answer”, but try telling that to the gangbanger standing on the corner. How many black and Latino people have been shot or killed over the weekend here in Chicago? Do you even care? Don’t tell us what we should be offended by Kenya, you and your glamorous band of idiots are clearly out of the touch with the community you supposedly came from. When you “Real Housewives” career is over, maybe you can get a job in [Mayor of Chicago] Rahm Emanuel’s administration as a general bullshitter.”

After Wheaton banned me from his Twitter feed, I decided to find out if anyone else I blasted in the media blocked T Dog Media. And yep, Kenya Moore became the second person that blocked me, though it was sometime ago.

But the Moore blocking is a bit disappointing. Then again, maybe I should get in line: Moore is pretty much despised in the African-American community – just check the comments section of any story related to her on any African-American-targeted website. Her response doesn’t bother me as much as she’s turning her back on the community that used supported her (of sorts.)

Or, is she so out of touch of what going on in the black community – the shootings, the killings on a daily basis, especially in Chicago and her hometown of Detroit. It sends a message that she and her castmastes don’t really give a damn. In fact, Kenya Moore’s ilk seems to be contributing to the community’s problems, given 95 percent of Real Housewives of Atlanta’s audience is African-American. They contribute to racial stereotypes that dog the black community, while making money off the backs of people who watch this garbage.

Look, I have three nieces, and I sure in the hell don’t want them to emulate these so-called “ladies” in anyway, shape, or form.

And as I did with Wil Wheaton, there is no apology coming to Kenya Moore from T Dog Media. I stand by every word I say, including the swears. Hit Austin Blvd., Kenya – goodbye and good riddance, though I didn’t care for you past 1999 to begin with.

And besides, I would rather have T Dog Media’s website in front of people whom I respect: media and advertising executives (even those I criticize), media critics, and the television and movie producer/writer community rather than a bunch of dumbass D-list celebrities. Having my site in front of Wheaton and Moore means nothing to me, and does nothing to advance this venture.

And I’ll tell you what: I even have more respect for the late CBS Chairman Laurence Tisch and for Randy Michaels than I have for these two assholes.

The irony here is this: as a 42 year-old person, I’m not dealing with the likes of Justin Bieber or Nicki Manaj here. I’m dealing with two people in their 40s – both Kenya Moore, from Detroit, and Wil Wheaton, from Burbank, Calif., are both 41. Despite their obviously different upbringings, they now have a common enemy with the person who runs this website.

And the two D-list celebrities block me because yours truly, a Joe Schmo who lives on Chicago’s South Side who works a crappy nine-to-five job every day, earning only a measly fraction of what they make, said something they didn’t like?

Hey you two, how about growing the hell up?