The Excellent 10 of 2013

Where does the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup run land in The Excellent 10?

Happy New Year!

In 2013, a few have complained that they had a difficult time compiling a top ten best show list because there are – get this – too many good shows.

Wow, how come yours truly didn’t have this problem?

If we indeed are in “A Golden Age Of Television”, someone failed to notify yours truly. After all, its hard to say that phrase with a straight face knowing the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, and 2 Broke Girls are still polluting the airwaves.

Anyway, here is the best of the bunch – the best television had to offer in 2013, based on quality and ratings performance: Let’s count ’em down:

10. Chicago Fire (NBC). This deserves the most improved program award in 2013 in ratings, plot, character development. Dick Wolf continues to do what he does best.

9. Bob’s Burgers (Fox). This underrated program is one of the best adult animated series on TV right now.

8. Dallas (TNT). You probably won’t find the revival of the classic CBS soap on too many of these lists, but you have to give the show props for handling Larry Hagman’s death with respect.

7. The Good Wife (NBC). Remember when I said this show had no place in the WGA’s best shows list? How many times have I told you not to listen to me? Alicia’s departure from the law firm shocked viewers and had ’em talking. A game changing episode.

6. Blacklist (NBC). The biggest surprise of the fall season – James Spader’s new government surveillance show is a hit with viewers – and addictive.

5. The Big Bang Theory (CBS). Although Raj is quickly becoming the Meg Griffin of the group, the series is still enjoyable, especially when the plot involves Sheldon. Keep in mind however, this sitcom ranked higher in years past.

4. Walking Dead (AMC). Not exactly Walking Dead, but prospering as the series continues to draw ten million viewers on average. Impressive for basic cable.

3. Arrested Development (Netflix) Despite a misstep or two in the plot department, it’s nice to have the Bluth family back.

2. Breaking Bad (AMC) An amazing series with a more amazing ending. We’ll certainly miss Walter White’s meth lab.

1. Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Run. Yep, you won’t find this on any other critic’s top ten list. The Hawks’ Stanley Cup run was indeed the best show on TV in 2013, with plenty of drama and intrigue with a satisfying outcome (unless if you’re a Boston fan) – the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup!

The Toilet 10

Since much of the worst of TV – and the media business in general – was covered in the T Dog Media Turkey Awards last November, yours truly is retiring The Toilet 10 – the worst shows of the year feature. Instead of rehashing what I wrote in November, I’m creating a new award to honor the worst TV show of the year. The Sharknado Award For Excellence In Awfulness recognizes those programs who fail to entertain the viewing public and have the potential to make them ill.

The first recipient of this award goes to CW’s Cult, a program often outdrawn by reruns of Marcus Welby M.D. Inducted into The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame, this is yet another honor for the drama. Congratulations!