T Dog’s Think Tank: Fans of Steve and Garry need to move on

Believe me, this is the shortest Think Tank ever. In fact, I’m not even including a photo, which for once, would actually increase web hits. But here’s a quick word (or two) about Steve and Garry, Round 2:

As you know by now, Garry Meier did not thank his longtime radio partner Steve Dahl (who did not attend) as the pair were inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame Saturday night at the Museum of Broadcast Communications. If you read yours truly’s Twitter feed (if you’re not following, please do – thank you), then you know my stance in these tweets here, here, and here. With that said, can we move on to more important issues pertaining to media (like media consolidation, retransmission rights battles, spectrum issues, etc.?)

Steve and Garry feuding again = no one under the age of 45 cares. Writing about them is a web hit killer (though not lately), with yours truly mentioning them only thirty or so times each during the course of this blog’s lifetime. Dahl and Meier are to radio today as the 8-track and the cassette are to music lovers – irrelevant. Man, talk about USA Yesterday. Really, yours truly and a lot of other people don’t care about these two overrated blowhards anymore.

The last time yours truly listened to Steve and Garry was… um, when I was 10? (1981-82…or so.) Personally, I never was a fan of the duo. One gained fame from blowing up disco records at Comiskey Park. The other? Well, I don’t know what his claim to fame was, other than being a second banana.

Want a reunion? You had one in 2006. Wasn’t that enough? Shit, there’s a better chance of the entire Beverly Hills, 90210 cast reuniting these days. With Dahl and Meier, its always hard to figure out which one is acting like Shannen Doherty.

And if you want to waste your money listening to Dahl’s podcast, or get bored listening to Meier run his mouth on WGN-AM, you’re more than welcome to.

Much like what I said about Oprah Winfrey a few weeks ago, Chicago needs to move on. Dahl and Meier have. After twenty years, why can’t their meathead fans?


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