T Dog’s Grab Bag: It’s another episode of “Everybody Loves Mancow”

Here's that photo again.
Here’s that photo again.

[Editor’s Note: The first item contains profanity. Reader discretion is advised.]

In the latest episode of the sitcom that never ends – Everybody Loves Mancow – the IQ-deficient shit jock in a Chicago Tribune interview Monday announced he sold his Lincoln Park condo and is moving to the suburb of Wilmette. He called the city “unlivable” and ripped the city’s high crime rate (doesn’t everybody?) and public school students, namely Lincoln Park High School (at least he didn’t rip deep dish pizza.)

Yeah, whatever Mancow. Wilmette isn’t far enough. How about Milwaukee? Or better yet, Medicine Hat, Alberta you hypocritical assclown?

If you read this site for the last seven years, you know how yours truly feels about Mancrap. See here, here, here, and here. And of course, here.

You’d think with an average 0.1 rating and 0 share on WPWR, Mancow’s crappy TV show would be canceled by now. But of course, TV execs are just as brain-deficient as he is. Why is this garbage still on the air while quality fare like Happy Endings, Men Of A Certain Age, and Veronica Mars – all with HIGHER VIEWERSHIP than this piece of shit – get canceled? My God, the TV business is a joke.

And I love how his idiot fanbase – all 300 of them who are still stuck in 1999 – are flooding the comments section of the Trib and another website that carried the story (before they wiped them clean) with utter bullshit.

Yes, it’s true Chicago residents are fleeing for the exits – but the person leading the charge is Mancow? That’s like putting Col. Max Klinger in charge of the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Keep in mind audiences are fleeing local broadcast TV and radio for the same reasons they’re leaving the city – inane decisions, disrespect of the audience, and morons in management who don’t get it – and Fox hiring a has-been loser like Mancow is one of them.

Yes, Jon Stewart ripped Chicago last week, but at least he has talent, brains, and Emmys – something Mancrap wishes he had. Don’t hit your ass out the door, Mancow.

Could WMAQ be next? NBC-owned WCAU in Philadelphia has turned over its entire sports department to sister Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia beginning in January, effectively disbanding the WCAU unit, following a similar move by KNTV in San Francisco, whose CSN Bay Area took over their sports department a year ago. WMAQ in Chicago and WRC in Washington D.C. are the only NBC-owned stations left whose sports department are independent of a Comcast regional sports network in the same market.

Comcast merged with NBCUniversal in 2011; WCAU has been owned by NBC since 1995, after acquiring the station in a swap deal with CBS.

As first reported by B & C on Friday, Tribune Broadcasting (including WGN-TV in Chicago) picked up a new game show from Debmar-Mercury. Titled Celebrity Name Game and hosted by Craig Ferguson, celebrities team up with contestants to identify famous people. Created by Courtney Cox and David Arquette, Name Game is scheduled to air on Tribune stations between 5 and 8 p.m., with a 4 p.m. clearance likely over WGN.

WCIU has re-upped with Seinfeld for another syndicated cycle, its fifth, along with incumbents WPIX in New York and KCOP in Los Angeles. The new deal from Sony Pictures Television keeps Jerry & Co. on local TV stations through 2017, with 90 percent of the country on board. WCIU has aired Seinfeld since March 2011.

Quick Hits & Bits

CSN Chicago to run Bears Classics, a four-part series taking a look at the Bears’ most memorable games, narrated by Bill Kurtis.

ABC cancels Chicago-based Betrayal, sets midseason schedule.

Despite being plagued by a “weather delay” (huge rainstorm), last Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens-Chicago Bears game scores in the ratings locally – and so does CBS 2’s storm coverage.

Thank you, CBS: flexed Kansas City Chiefs-Denver Broncos game scores season-high rating for NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and the highest-rated November NFL game in 17 years.

Liberman Broadcasting agreed to pay $110,000 to the FCC for indecency violations regarding content of now-defunct Jose Luis Sin Censura daytime talk show (saw clips of this online, and is one of the most disgusting and repulsive TV programs I’ve ever seen. Certainly headed for the T Dog TV Salón de la Vergüenza.)