Mariotti returns…who cares?

Peter GriffinYours truly will make this short, but not necessarily sweet – because this story shouldn’t deserve anybody’s attention. But I have to report it.

Former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti announced today his triumphant return to the public, launching a new website and a three-hour daytime radio talk show strip from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. online and on four Florida radio stations starting Monday.

All I can say is who gives a f… Really.

Mariotti is about as relevant as an 8-track tape and Lincoln Mall. He lost all credibility years ago with his rants, which the Sun-Times was stupid enough to publish for 16 years. Then again, you wonder if he had any credibility to begin with. If he wants to waste his audience’s time (if any) with his nonsense, then more power to him. It doesn’t mean you have to read or listen to him, and neither do I (and I won’t.) But I’ll bet you a few guys in the sports media will run and report the next ignorant thing that comes out of this guy’s mouth.

Rather than bore you with his history of antics (that’s what Google is for), here’s what he’s done for you lately: after leaving the Sun-Times in 2008, Mariotti was charged with misdemeanor after beating his girlfriend a few years ago in suburban Los Angeles and received probation.

In a rather bizarre statement on his website, Mariotti was quoted as saying “I can’t be The Man if I’m working for The Man and The Man has a close business arrangement with the subjects of my commentaries,” referring his desire to be independent and not work for ESPN, Fox, or NBC. But here, Mariotti comes off like Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

In other words, he wants to be “The Man” because “The Man” is stupid. At least he’s got the stupid part covered.

So welcome back, Mariotti. Now we can go back and pretend you don’t exist.

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