Comic-Con, Day 3: Superstar Superhero Crossover Saturday

Merging into a theater near you.
Merging into a theater near you.

If you thought The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover event announced last Thursday wasn’t going to be trumped… well, two of the world’s prominent superheroes said “we’ll see about that.”

In a stunning development, DC Comics and Warner Bros. announced on Saturday it is teaming up Batman and Superman in a yet-to-be-titled epic blockbluster slated for release in 2015. So far, Henry Cavell (who was Superman in this summer’s Man Of Steel) has been cast. But it looks like they won’t be teaming up to fight crime: one would be a protagonist – the other an antagonist.

the-avengers-2-age-of-ultron-logoMeanwhile, Marvel and Joss Whedon had bombshell-making news of their own – they revealed the name of the Avengers sequel in 2015 – The Age Of Ultron. The reveal was part of a bigger day for Marvel at Comic-Con, which included lots of star-studded appearances and discussions for the upcoming movies Thor: The Dark World and Captain America : The Winter Solider.

– Moving to the TV side of things: the cast and crew of the often-maligned NBC drama Revolution talked about what was on tap for season two – at the end of the first season, the power was turned back on. But it won’t stay on for long – look for the world to plunge back into darkness. Showrunner Eric Kripke also promises more character development this season. And despite an earlier time slot, don’t expect Revolution to ease up on the violence: the following clip sums it up:

Here’s the entire 2013 Revolution Comic-Con panel:

Once Upon A Time and its new spinoff, Wonderland had back-to-back panels at the Con, in a packed ballroom with many in the crowd in costumes, you swore you were at a Let’s Make A Deal taping. This new take on Alice In Wonderland has Alice in a mental institution, while declaring Wonderland is a horrible place. Welcome to the 21st Century. After that panel wrapped up came one for OUAT, where the cast of that show talked about the upcoming fun in store for the third season, including a trip to Neverland, and meeting Peter Pan, who turns out to be a crank. Must be the green suit he has to wear all the time.

Here are the Once Upon A Time panels, Parts I and II:

– There are people who think CBS’ Person Of Interest is actually a science fiction show. Seriously. You can stop laughing now. Even though the series is traditionally known as a procedural, Interest has many sci-fi elements: including big, controlling computers and government surveillance, which became a real-life issue thanks to the recent spying scandals in Washington D.C. Series creator Jonathon Nolan points out he plans to ramp up the sci-fi elements for the upcoming season to avoid becoming a docudrama, according to the LA Times.

Of note: Person Of Interest was one of the relatively few panels at Comic-Con with sparse attendance, with many empty seats.

Other panels held on Saturday included a star-studded one for the new X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie; trailers for Arrow’s upcoming second season and Vampire Diariesupcoming fourth; and an announcement regarding Fox’s remake of Cosmos, produced by Seth MacFarlane, which runs for thirteen episodes next spring.