WGN Radio makes numerous changes


Turi Ryder and Carol Roth both out after only six months


Two of WGN Radio’s newest hires are already gone after just six months.

Turi Ryder announced her departure from the Tribune-owned station earlier this week, while Carol Roth’s hour-long noon show was canceled Friday. These are the latest moves from management, led by new head honcho Jimmy De Castro, as he continues to clean up the mess left by previous regimes.

Neither Ryder or Roth seemed to fit in with the rest of WGN-AM’s format. Ryder had been criticized for her lack of skill when dealing with callers, while Roth’s show was supposed to talk about business news and other topical stories, but often drifted into political talk – especially from the right side of the spectrum. The show also suffered from being sandwiched between¬† Mike McConnell’s two shifts – rather unusual for radio.

With both women gone, WGN unveiled additional changes to its weekday lineup: Beginning Monday, McConnell’s show now airs from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., while the 2-3 p.m. hour is being filled with guest hosts. WGN is also converting¬†WGN Sports Night to The David Kaplan Show, retaining the host of the former show in the process. Kaplan’ s show is also being expanded to five hours (7 p.m.-midnight), replacing Ryder’s old show in the process. The sports format is being retained, but would veer off from time to time on other topics (fun in nature.)

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