Bruce DuMont played for the fool again

Once again, Bruce DuMont was played the fool – and this time by one of the biggest names in all of entertainment.

I’m talking about Howard Stern’s “induction” into The Radio Hall Of Fame by the Chicago-based Museum of Broadcast Communications, located in the city’s River North neighborhood, finally making it in after four tries. You’d think he’d be happy, right?

Yeah… only after lesser talent has gotten in.

Stern declined the invitation to the Hall of Fame ceremony, which was held November 10 at MBC, with sleazy docuhebag Geraldo Rivera leading the festivities. The event ran longer than expected and Stern’s portion wasn’t heard on the live radio broadcast. But it was tacked onto the webscast and the Chicago Bears’ Abomi Okoye – a person who was born a year after Stern was fired from WNBC-AM – presented in his behalf (what, Jay Cutler wasn’t available?)

In an interview with Time Out Chicago’s Robert Feder last week, DuMont hoped Stern would still come to the event, but Stern’s agent flat-out said he would not come. In another interview with Feder on Wednesday, DuMont revealed he even made a desperate plea for Stern to come and accept the honor in a letter he wrote to him on November 6, but it was all to no avail.

On Monday, Stern slammed DuMont on his Sirius/XM show, questioning his radio credentials and the methods determined to be eligible for the Radio Hall Of Fame.

DuMont was pissed with Stern’s response and him trashing his beloved Hall. But DuMont seemed to more than pleased with the Bears’ player who presented, stating at airtime he knew Stern’s wasn’t going to show up (oh now he gets it) and chose the Bears’ Okoye because “he did not respect the honor or take it seriously”. Okoye simply read the lines he was given to him.

He’s right on that front. With DuMont running the show, who could take this seriously? Did DuMont really think Howard Stern was really going to show up after all the crap the Hall put him through – rejecting him four times while James Dobson, Wendy Williams, and pill-popping racist Rush Limbaugh got in? Can DuMont really be that stupid?

Oh yeah, this is the guy who spent ten years trying to build the museum in the first place and relied mostly on taxpayer money rather than seeking out private donations and at the end, whored out the museum to NBCUniversal and Comcast at the end, gave them $2.7 million worth of publicity – and a fat tax write-off.

It’s funny that DuMont – a conservative Republican who hosts the Beyond the Beltway radio show – would convince then-Governor Rod Blagoveich and the Illinois legislature to publicly fund his shrine to Chicago television and radio. When the legislature changed its mind, construction on the new building stopped and the unfinished project became an ugly eyesore for years.

And now, DuMont gets punked yet again, this time by Howard Stern.

And his manufactured outrage of his precious Radio Hall Of Fame being disrespected was quite laughable, given the ever-changing methods on being inducted. Don’t be surprised if Ryan Seacrest is inducted to the RHOF before Steve Dahl, who is still waiting to get in. In fact, the way this was set up I’m surprised Seacrest wasn’t inducted before Stern.

And you also have to question the choice to emcee as well. Geraldo Rivera has made a career of deplorable behavior – the most recent was his idiotic “hoodie” comment. This idiot has made no contribution to radio, aside from a show handed to him by a moronic Cumulus employee.  Then again, his presence at this event is perfect.

Next year, they should ask Punk’d host Ashton Kutcher to lead the festivities – making a fool out of Bruce DuMont again would be worth more the price of admission.


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