The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame is back…with monkeys!








The face of TV has changed in the last 40 years…. “Me and The Chimp” (left) to “Animal Practice”. Wow, what an improvement!

The hollowed halls of TV badness is back open for business!

In the first update in over a year, a whopping 18 21 shows are being inducted into The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame, including the worst new sitcom of this season (Animal Practice), the worst new sitcom of last season (Allen Gregory), and classic stinkers The Pat Sajak Show and Pink Lady And Jeff, plus two new cable shows.

You know television has certainly progressed itself when you air a show that reminds some viewers of a failed sitcom from forty years ago. Justin Kirk, meet Ted Bissell.

The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame will be updated very soon (yeah… I said that before. Like months ago) to reflect the new entries, including a modified introduction and a nifty new photo!

Hear are the new entries:

Contemporary Division

H8R (CW, 2011) How about a reality show where you get to meet the celebrity you despise? Canned after four episodes.

Charlie’s Angels (ABC, 2011) Reboots gone wrong: this revival of the 1970’s crime drama featured three women who looked more they wanted to shop at the mall than fight crime.

How To Be A Gentleman (CBS, 2011) Odd Couple rip-off about a guy trying to teach a street punk about the social graces. Crank up the laugh track.

Marriage Ref (NBC,  2010-11) A daytime-like show in primetime, celebs come on and discuss – and make fun of – everyday couples with minor martial squabbles. A laugh riot, I’m sure.

Allen Gregory (Fox, 2011) One of the worst sitcoms of all time, Jonah Hill created and voiced this animated series about a 7-year old prodigy who acts like an adult. Lasted seven episodes.

Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC, 2012) Sitcom based on the best-selling book from Chelsea Handler, who ought to stick to books and her late-night talk show. Are You There, Humor? Nope.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox, 2011-12) Hate is quite a strong word for this insipid sitcom, a throwback to the past.

3 (CBS, 2012) This Chicago-based dating reality show should have been named 2 – that’s how many episodes this show lasted.

Glass House (ABC, 2012) A puerile ripoff of CBS’ Big Brother. Enough said.

Animal Practice (NBC, 2012-) Hey network execs, remember Me and the Chimp and Mr. Smith? How’d that work out? Nice to see these idiots still rehashing shit from 30 or 40 years ago. Worst new sitcom of the year, and remember, this is the network who gave us My Mother The Car and Supertrain.

Dish Nation (syndicated, 2012-) What happens when you bring together five of the nation’s morning zoos and have them talk about entertainment and pop culture topics? A front row seat every night to see why radio is dying.

Classic Division

Small Wonder (syndicated 1985-89) Debated whether or not to put this show on the list since the sitcom was actually successful, ranking as one of the top syndicated shows of its time. But it would become a prototype of what has gone wrong with the TV sitcom.

The Pat Sajak Show (CBS, 1989-90) The Chicago native and Wheel of Fortune host thought he can take on Johnny Carson in late night. Oops.

Hello, Larry (NBC, 1979-80) McLean Stevenson runs a radio station in Portland, OR while laughs ensue. Hello Larry… goodbye ratings.

Pink Lady and Jeff (NBC, 1980) What happens when you pair an unfunny comedian with two Japanese performers who barely spoke English? Yeah.

Home Shopping Game (syndicated, 1987) From HSN, you can watch a game show and do your shopping from home at the same time! What a novel concept!

Homeboys in Outer Space (UPN, 1996) Wow, how could I have possibly left this turkey off the list?

Hasslehoffs (A&E, 2010) One of the shortest-lived series in cable history, this reality show about the antics of David Hasslehoff and his family was canned after two episodes.

Here are a couple of late entries (as of October 20, 2012):

Good Grief (Fox, 1990) Hijinks ensue in this sitcom set at a funeral home with Howie Mandel. Good grief, indeed.

Public Morals (CBS, 1996)  Certainly not Car 54: Where Are You? and definitely not Barney Miller, this sitcom set in an NYPD Precinct was dropped after a single episode. Stick to singing cops, Steven Bochco.

Work It! (ABC, 2012) This sitcom featured two guys forced to cross-dress in order to keep their jobs. They – and this show – were fired anyway after two episodes.