Retro Friday Time Machine: WFLD news’ silver anniversary

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We have a new name for Retro Friday – its now The Retro Friday Time Machine (Retro Friday was a temporary name… and Michael Schneider’s Franklin Ave. blog already was using it.) In this week’s edition, we celebrate WFLD’s 25th anniversary in the news business – going back to August 1987 when WFLD re-opened its news operation seven years after it closed.

In this great segment from the end of Thursday night’s newscast, Bob Sirott and Robin Robinson – the last member of the station’s 1987 lineup, show a clip of how WFLD set up shop in its 205 N. Michigan Ave. location to get ready for the launch, which would take place on August 3 (check out the computers from that era!) Originally known as Fox 32 News, the clip features the four original members of the news team – Robinson, Kris Long, Dan Doborowski, and Bruce Wolf. Sirott also showed a picture of himself and Robinson in their WBBM-TV days, from the early 1980’s.

There is a pre-roll ad before the segment begins, so you’ve been warned (I got the one for the Illinois Back Institute. So wait a minute… you mean there are TWO Kevin Butlers doing commercials? I thought the former Chicago Bear did the one for the PS3…) Oops, I’m rambling… well, enjoy!