Retro Friday: Good Grief! Charlie Brown’s selling bread AND insurance

Yes, yours truly is a huge Peanuts fan. And Snoopy and the gang are back on television as spokesmen for MetLife, a relationship that’s been strong for with for 27 years. But before then, did you know Charlie Brown and company appeared in ads for Ford, Dolly Madison, McDonalds, Cheerios, and Butternut bread?

Yes, Snoopy’s getting paid, people!

First, here are three ads from around 1969 or so, with the gang pitching Butternut, Weber, and Milbrook breads – all owned at the time by Interstate Bakeries (now owned by Hostess, which is now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.)



And now, a recent from MetLife ad titled “Good Call”  featuring Lucy… working at a call center? Good Grief, Charlie Brown, this economy…