CBS to bring back “Unforgettable”

It is indeed rare, but starting to become a little more common – a major network “uncanceling” a show: CBS has reversed its decision on dumping Unforgettable; instead, the network announced it would pickup thirteen new episodes to run next summer.

Starring Poppy Montgomery, Unforgettable is about a woman who has a photographic memory and helps the New York City police department solve crimes.

Giving shows a second chance isn’t necessarily new: in 2009, NBC initially canceled Trauma after a month on the air, but relented after it needed programming to fill after the demise of The Jay Leno Show. NBC picked up several more episodes of the medicinal drama, but wound up canceling the show again in May 2010.

After CBS canceled Cagney & Lacey for a second time in May 1983, a vigorous letter-writing campaign was waged, and the show was successfully saved. In 1987, ABC canceled Mr. Belvedere after three seasons, but later renewed the show for a fourth season without any explanation.

And of course, the most recent examples include Family Guy (canceled twice) and Futurama.

In its Tuesday night time slot, Unforgettable averaged 10.3 million viewers, but only drew an average 2.0 adults 18-49 demo rating.


2 thoughts on “CBS to bring back “Unforgettable”

    • I’m excited that one of my favorite shows on primetime will remain and I can continue to enjoy. I was a bit upset when I heard it was cancelled but it looks like CBS realized the mistake it was about to make. It’s so awesome to be able to watch my favorite show without commercials. I’m excited to use my Auto Hop feature, and skip all the annoying commercials. It’s like when you use the fast forward button on the remote the commercials will always be there if you want to watch them, Auto hop just does the fast forwarding for you. I was stoked when a couple of my coworkers at Dish showed me how this first worked. It’s great to have an option to watch commercials if you choose or just skip them. Now I can save the wear and tear on my remote by not having to fast forward every ten minutes.

      • Especially political ads. Enjoy the AutoHop feature while you can… before the “you-know-whos” on Capitol Hill shut it down.

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