CBS new 2012-13 primetime schedule

CBS unveiled its 2012-13 primetime schedule Wednesday morning in advance of its upfront presentation later in the afternoon. The Tiffany network introduced four new shows – three drams and just one new comedy, along with two new midseason series. But the biggest news is the move of longtime Monday stalwart Two And A Half Men to Thursday night after The Big Bang Theory.

Monday starts with an overhaul of its sitcom lineup – 2 Broke Girls shifts to the 9/8 Central slot, which Thursday-bound Men held for seven seasons. In between Girls and How I Met Your Mother is Partners, a new comedy from the producers of Will & Grace. The show is about two guys – one straight, one gay – who are in committed relationships (though not with each other.) The rest of Monday’s schedule is unchanged.

Tuesday has a new drama after the two-hour NCIS-a-thon: Vegas is about a sheriff who clashes with a Chicago mob boss (there’s those words again) in the 1960’s. Vegas is not related to the 1978-81 Robert Urich ABC drama of the same name.

Thursday sees half of the schedule changed: in addition to Men moving to Thursdays, a new drama pops up after Person of Interest called Elementary, which features Sherlock Holmes cracking down on … crime in New York City? (did I read this right?) Holmes partner’s last name is… Watson (and not Yo-Yo?)

Friday sees more changes, with CSI: New York shifting to 8/7 Central, followed by new drama Made In Jersey, about a woman from the Garden State who competes with her Manhattan colleagues at a New York City law firm. Blue Bloods stays at 10/9 Central.

Saturdays and Sundays remains unchanged, with the notable exception of The Mentalist replacing the now-canceled CSI:Miami.

New midseason entries include drama Golden Boy, comedy Friend Me, and reality series The Job, which is from Survivor and Apprentice producer Mark Burnett. Also slated for midseason are Undercover Boss, and possibly Rules Of Engagement, whose fate has not been determined.

In addition to CSI:Miami, CBS pulled the plug on Rob, Unforgettable, A Gifted Man, and NYC 22.

To see the complete fall schedule and detailed descriptions of the new programs, click here.

Thought: This schedule is kind of a mixed bag. While it’ll clearly do well in the ratings (CBS should finish a close second to Fox in the adults 18-49 demo), Two And A Half Men’s move to Thursday nights after Big Bang can be interpreted as the series being put out to pasture, as Men is in its 10th season and its better days (if you can call them that) are behind it. But at least CBS now has some time to develop a companion show to Big Bang.

The Monday sitcom block’s median age should get younger with the departure of Men, but you have to question if the often-controversial 2 Broke Girls could anchor a major time slot only in its second season.

Many of CBS’ veteran series continue to kick it (such as NCIS and NCIS: LA), but some, like Survivor and CSI: NY are experiencing alarming ratings declines. You also have to question CSI: NY’s move to an earlier time slot on Fridays, given the show’s often-violent tone.

Much of CBS’ new dramas suck, plain and simple. Vegas? Better call in Robert Urich and transport this series to the 1970’s if this show is to succeed. Made In Jersey sounds like L.A. Law, only in N.Y. But clearly the worst show of the fall season is Elementary, and it has nothing to do with hijinks at a local¬† school. Based on the BBC series Sherlock, this drama transports Sherlock Holmes and Watson (a female Watson, no less) into New York City to solve crimes (in the books, I think Sherlock never takes his shirt off.) This has to be the dumbest crime drama series yours truly has ever come across. If the more than 2500 dislikes on YouTube is any indication, then look for Elementary to possibly become the the season’s first fatality, with a quick induction into The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame (which by the way, is closed for renovations.)

While Partners seems like some Fox sitcom from the ’90’s, (CBS somehow has a knack for recreating sitcoms from this era – see Rob), it’s a perfect fit into CBS’ Monday night lineup.

In summary, look for CBS to be competitive this year, especially with the Super Bowl and the Grammys under its belt. But The Church Of Tisch’s new programs leaves very little to be desired.