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How To Be A Gentleman – or just how to be a lame idiot.

It’s the first week full week of October and already the networks are cleaning house and sending a slew of nominees to The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame as four series were canceled this week and another series likely meeting the same fate.

As posted here earlier this week, NBC canceled The Playboy Club after only three weeks. (encores of Prime Suspect steps in for the next three Mondays until the debut of newsmagazine Rock Center with Brian Williams premieres on October 31.) The cancellation opened up the floodgates:

– NBC canceled Hank Arazia’s sitcom Free Agents on Thursday after three episodes after posting around a 1.0 adult demo rating for last Wednesday night’s episode. Replacing Free Agents is repeats of Whitney, which could land here permanently when 30 Rock returns in midseason. First-run episodes of Whitney continue on Thursday nights after The Office (do we really need two episodes of Whitney a week?)

– The same day, CW canceled the inane Mario Lopez reality series H8R after four airings. The show, in which non-fans confront the celebrity they hate, hit a series-low 0.4 adult demo rating Wednesday night. Beginning this week, CW is replacing H8R in its Wednesday night time slot with Ringer encores. Celebs who graced H8R during its short run included Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian.

– And if that weren’t enough, CBS on Friday announced it was pulling How To Be A Gentleman from its Thursday night slot after two airings and move it to Saturday nights where its being paired with a sitcom rerun. The critically panned sitcom dropped from nearly half of its Big Bang Theory lead-in. Replacing Gentleman in the post-Big Bang slot is the return of Rules Of Engagement, which was originally scheduled to air Saturday nights this fall. Engagement replaced William Shatner’s failed sitcom back in February. All of Gentleman’s produced episodes are scheduled to air on Saturdays, but as of today, the series is no longer in production.

– The next show to get the ax? Likely ABC’s lame revival of Charlie’s Angels, which fell to a series low 1.2 in the adult demo on Thursday, and down 43 percent from its premiere.

While its not uncommon to see network series get canceled this early in the season – even before the last 80 degree day for the year in Chicago – the number of shows getting canceled in a week’s time signals that viewers are dissatisfied with this season’s new fall shows. Even Fox’s The X Factor and Terra Nova hasn’t gotten off to a roaring start as many predicted.

And all you have to do is go on Twitter and see the hate for Whitney, Charlie’s Angels, and Ringer.

But here’s the good part -there’s no shortage of nominees for The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame this year. And the newest list of inductees (including two classic stinkers) will be posted shortly.