“Charlie’s Angels” clipped

In a move that surprises nobody (and the latest show certain to enter The T Dog Media TV Hall Of Shame), ABC canceled its lame revival of 1970’s crime drama Charlie’s Angels on Friday after four weeks.

In its latest Thursday night outing, Angelsearned a 1.3 adult demo (18-49) rating, far behind time period leader The Big Bang Theory (4.6 for original; 3.7 for repeat), and even behind CW’s The Vampire Diaries (1.4).

On September 22, Angels premiered with a 2.1 adult demo rating, and averaged a 1.5 rating so far this season.

The revival of the 1976-81 ABC crime drama was panned by critics and disliked on social media platforms by viewers.  The series was hamstrung by bad acting, incoherent plots, and unnecessary action scenes. The characters basically were not like their counterparts from the original series – in this version, it seemed the girls were more interested in partying and going shopping than fighting crime. I guess you can’t catch the bad guys without wearing four-inch pumps.

The reboot of Charlie’s Angels follows in step with other revivals in recent years – these include Bionic Woman and Knight Rider. Another ABC series revival from its top-rated heyday which ran at the same time Angels did (Fantasy Island) came and went quickly in 1998.

In a interview with Al Gough, the former Smallville producer quoted to Digital Spy that the series wouldn’t be “campy or retro” and shifted the series’ setting from Los Angeles to Miami.

So, in other words, the new Charlie’s Angels decided to “take their talents” to South Beach.

The only problem is… what talents?