Radio 101: Taking you back to the old school

Today’s lesson on Radio 101: We’re taking you back to the old school – with an old school jock.

As part of its soon-to-be launch of its news/talk format, WKQX-FM, which was known as Alternative/Modern Rock Q101, is heading back to its Adult Contemporary roots as part of its “stunting” until its new permanment format is ready to go.

First reported by Robert Feder at Time Out Chicago, WKQX is bringing back former morning man Robert Murphy to helm the 5-10 a.m. morning drive shift starting today, at least in the short-term (and sorry, he won’t be bringing his straightjacket, in which he appeared in dozens of ads for the original “Q101” in the 1980’s.) Murphy was morning personality at the station through much of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. He left the station shortly after the flip to Alternative.

Until News/Talk is up-and-running, the station plans to “stunt” with an Adult Contemporary or Hot Adult Contemporary format, which it had until 1992 (in the last few months of the format, Q101 played more up-tempo music during nighttime hours – and yes, the station was programmed by PD Bill Gamble, who would soon flip it to Alternative.)

Meanwhile, Chicagoland Radio & Media released more details about 101.1 FM’s new format on Monday. 

An impressive roster of producers, reporters, and on-air talent has been assembled for the new radio station. A partial listing of individuals involved include Ed Curran (whose hiring was announced today), Rob Hart, Brant Miller, Sam Sylk, Lise Dominque, Charlie Meyerson, and Veronica Carter.

New call letters are being assigned to 101.1FM, with WWWN-FM as the front runner (and no, Charlie Sheen will not be involved with this station.)

But judging by the preparation of this project, Randy Michaels & Co. clearly have a “winning” attitude – gets an “A”. But executing it is another matter. And if this turns out to be a “losing” proposition and gets an “F”, let’s just say… there are no refunds for this course.

Homework: Your assignment is to view this 1980’s Q101 commercial of Robert Murphy in a straightjacket. Hey, you wish homework was really this fun…

Class dismissed – until tomorrow…