T Dog’s Six Pack: Opposites Attract

This week in The Six Pack: Chicago media takes two steps forward and a few steps back – as usual. No, it’s not Paula Abdul dancing with an animated cat (or dead celebrities dancing with vacuum cleaners) but there is some animation, classic TV, and even a classic radio show in this week’s roundup:


Bob’s Burgers. In a surprise move, Fox renewed the surprisingly funny Bob’s Burgers for a second season of thirteen episodes.

WLS-FM. Kudos to station management for the decision to go live and local on weekends and adding Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 countdowns from the 1970’s to Sunday mornings.

MeTV. The national rollout of the Weigel’s classic TV channel got a boost this week with the Chicago-based network now cleared in 45 percent of the country. Additions include heavyweights like WSB in Atlanta and WPXI in Pittsburgh.


Chicago news media. You have to laugh at all the over-analyzing Chicago’s news media made in the last few days over a few thousand people deciding not to attend the Chicago Cubs’ first home stand of the year. You’d wish they would give this kind of treatment to some real issues.

WWE. So World Wrestling Entertainment is now just known as the corporate initials (WWE). Funny… with that idiot Vince McMahon still at the helm, I thought it was World Worthless Entertainment. What? And now, the company wants to expand into other genres. I guess their first order of business is giving pathetic Smackdown announcer-turned-pathetic wrestler Michael Cole a pathetic talk show and base it in Chicago. Sorry, that job has already been taken by the pathetic Rosie O’Donnell.

Fox, NBC, and ABC. Dear Fox, NBC, and ABC: Please stop developing these unfunny, live-action, monotonous, cookie-cutter, bland single-camera sitcoms and putting them on your schedules. On second thought, don’t stop. Yours truly will always need material for the T Dog Media Blog TV Hall Of Shame.