Geeks Ahoy!

The latest news coming out of the just-concluded NATPE gathering in Miami with now a second dating/reality strip being launched in syndication from the producers of former CW series Beauty and the Geek.

Geek Meets Girl has been cleared by Trifecta Entertainment and Media on WCIU here in Chicago and several CBS-owned CW affiliates and independent stations, including KCAL (Ind.) in Los Angeles and WKBD (CW) in Detroit.

Based on Geek, the show pairs a geek and a beauty on two dates, with the geek getting a makeover. Trifecta officials say the series is being targeted for late fringe time periods, though several stations are slotting the series in early fringe and prime access. In some markets, Geek is being paired up with CBS Television Distribution’s Excused, which now has cleared 46 out of the 50 largest markets, including KCAL and WCIU.

The two new shows are making a bid to resurrect the relationship genre, which laid dormant in syndication for the past few seasons. Dating/reality strips were plentiful in the 1990’s and the early part of the previous decade, ranging from Studs to Blind Date. Of course, the genre was pioneered by the likes of The Dating Game and Love Connection.

This is Trifecta’s first original strip in syndication to be launched. Two earlier proposed efforts (Hacienda Heights and One in a Million) have been shelved permanently.