Welcome to the fifth season – with a new look!

Welcome to the fifth season!

The T Dog Media Blog begins its 5th season as of today – which means now I have enough episodes to air every night. Syndication riches, baby!

Okay, maybe not.

But it is hard to believe this blog started on September 18, 2006, offering yours truly’s take on what’s going on in the media and entertainment industries. And I didn’t think it would last this long!

But yours truly has hung in there, and along the way have picked up a few friends (not to mention a couple of haters) and kudos from important people in the industry, including Robert Feder, Marc Berman, Larz from Chicagoland Radio and Media, and others – and I thank them.

And believe it or not, this blog was mentioned in Nichelle Nichols’ (Star Trek) Twitter feed for a story I mentioned here! (if you don’t believe me, click here – though the real credit should go to Mr. Berman for getting her amazing quotes at the recent TCA press tour.)

As of today, you’ll notice some changes: For the last four years, yours truly has been using the orange-and-gray background, which by now is quite passe. Therefore, the blog now features a blue marble background with more colors and more photos added, and will be used until it becomes passe.

Also, more links have been added to the sidebar, especially in regards to radio and to local media websites such as Steve Rhoades’ Beachwood Reporter site.

And to eliminate clutter, past Think Tanks have been each tagged individually and put into a single Archive link.

And speaking of Think Tanks, there certainly will be more of them, as yours truly keep his foot on Big Media’s behind – such as Sam Zell, Randy Michaels, and the rest of the clowns running the Chicago Tribune into the ground. In other words, this blog is the “watchdog” of the Tribune watchdog and other big media corporations.

Since the time I devote to writing the blog has dwindled over the years, I moved most breaking news stories and short news items to my Twitter feed, which you can access and follow here. (please?) And a Facebook page is launching soon as well (okay, I said that last year, but be patient – once it launches, you’ll like it – trust me.)

But one thing that won’t change is my take – sometimes serious, sometimes satirical – on the ever changing media business, from television to radio to new media to newspapers- that is, if newspapers exist by this time next year.

And blog coverage of The TCA Press Tour, NATPE, and Comic-Con continues (unfortunately, yours truly did not get a chance to adequately cover Comic-Con this year, due to terrible time constraints – and its a shame, given its the one thing I love to write about.)

So let’s get ready for another season of news, fun, hell-raising, and flat-out absurd items.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading this blog as I have the pleasure of writing it. As always, thanks for reading.

Enjoy the ride!

– Terence

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