Comic-Con 2010 is here

Hey, are you tired of turning on the TV news or logging on to the local newspaper websites and seeing Blago regularly making an ass out of himself or hearing about the latest shootings in Chicago?

Well, cheer up… because I got the prescription to cure your depression… Comic-Con!

Yes, the 41st annual geek fest begins today in beautiful San Diego, with people dressed in Chewbacca costumes, Star Trek uniforms, and Stormtrooper outfits.

And of course, there will be tons upon tons of panels whose subjects range from comic books to video games and from to Hollywood movies to TV shows. There’s even panels on screenwriting and how to break into the business.

And for you Star Wars fanatics out there, Friday has been designated as Star Wars Day.

Among the mainstay genres being represented¬† include science fiction (Caprica, Warehouse 13, and Eureka), animation (Futurama, Cartoon Network’s and Nickelodeon’s shows, Adult Swim, and Fox’s entire Sunday night lineup), live-action sitcoms (The Big Bang Theory, of course – their panel is on Friday) and mauch more.

Even television shows who don’t fit the traditional definition of geek are here as well, including CBS’ new Hawaii Five-O revival; USA’s Burn Notice and Psych; and MTV’s new one-hour drama Teen Wolf, based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie.

In addition, current pop culture favorites Glee , True Blood, and Vampire Diaries are being represented (now before you all go crazy, let’s all be thankful Big Willie isn’t holding a panel at Comic-Con.)

And you can’t have a Comic-Con without Stan “The Man” Lee.¬† The legendary cartoonist is scheduled to helm several panels.

If you’re looking for coverage of the event, you’ll find plenty of it online via Twitter and Facebook and at Comic-Con’s YouTube page (which as of this writing, hasn’t been updated yet.) On television, G4 is scheduled to send Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn of Attack of the Show to cover the first two days of the event on Thursday and Friday.

For the complete listing of panels for each day of the festival – and believe me, there are a lot of them – click here.

Happy geeking, everyone!