T Dog’s Four Pack – Putting the biscuit in the basket

Here’s who is scoring goals – and who isn’t – it’s a hockey-themed T Dog’s Four Pack:

Lighting the lamp:

Family Guy. No, you don’t see this show in the winner’s circle too often, but Sunday’s night episode – despite some rather uncomfortable dialogue in the first act – was the best of the season and perhaps ever, on a program that hasn’t been really on its game for the last two seasons. We saw some deep character development in the third act, and that’s something you don’t see on TV these days. As one who is familiar with the theater, Brian & Stewie would make a very good stage play.

WPIX. Seinfeld reruns return to the station that is identifiable with New York City than any other (and one of the few outlets Tribune hasn’t yet screwed up… well, except for hiring Larry Mendte to do news commentaries…)

Honeymooners return to Me-TV
. …and speaking of classic sitcoms which air on WPIX, you can credit the power of the people for Weigel’s Me-TV to restore The Honeymooners to its rightful 11 p.m. time slot. The Nanny and 3rd Rock From The Sun classic sitcoms? I think not!

Dick Biondi. A real Chicago radio legend and class act is celebrating his 50th year on the air. It started way back on May 2, 1960 when Biondi started spinning records for a new Top 40 radio station called WLS-AM. Today, he’s holding down the fort at oldies outlet WLS-FM and he sounds better than ever. Long live the legend!

In the penalty box:

Convicts infesting local talk radio. It’s worse enough Chicago is having a tough time dealing with criminals on the street, now they’re infesting talk radio in the Windy City thanks to Betty-Loren Maltese’s one day gig on WVON-AM last week, Rod Blago’s weekly chatfest on WLS, and the employment of former alderman and convicted felon Jim Laski on WGN Radio. The worst may be yet to come: uber-villain Russell Hantz (from Survivor) was arrested recently – don’t be surprised if WGN Radio’s Kevin “Pig Virus” Metheny is on the phone with him the day after the Survivor finale airs.

The Crosstown Cup. The winner of the Cubs and White Sox’s interleague series will now awarded a dopey trophy sponsored by a major oil company (which I christen The Sellout Cup.) This makes the Dancing With The Stars mirrorball trophy look like the Stanley Cup by comparison. At least our two baseball teams have something in common: selling out to a big corporation (and what if this ends in a tie, split 3-3? Do they saw the Cup in half?)

Chicago Bulls.
Wait a minute… they were in the playoffs? And Vinny Del Negro is now out of a job he never should have had to begin with.

The summer ahead.
If the Hawks get eliminated from the playoffs against Vancouver (as of this writing, the series is tied 1-1), we’re left with bad Chicago baseball and bad reality TV. Ozzie and Lou vs. Shaq in the Dark anyone?

And if that doesn’t make you sick enough in prime-time, throwing in Jim Laski may be enough to send you to the Emergency Room.


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    • I love Larry Mendte's commentaries. he says things I wish I could say on TV. he is the only guy telling the truth.

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