T Dog’s Three Pack – An Easter Celebration

Yes, since it’s the Easter holiday, there are only three items in this week’s pack:

Easter Eggs

24 ends. For fans, it’s not the news they want to hear, but for Kiefer Sutherland and the crew of this well-written and exciting drama, the timing is right. Thanks for the wonderful ride!

Dancing With The Stars vs. American Idol. Did you catch Simon’s diss of Dancing Tuesday night? And the two highly-rated shows – both of which are taped at CBS Television City in Los Angeles – go head to head Tuesday nights at 7p.m. Central. Whether you like one, the other, both or neither – you have to admit – the top-rated duo’s rivalry is the best since Dallas vs. Dynasty in the 1980’s.

Butler. The unlikeliest of teams to make it into the Final Four, the Butler Bulldogs of the Horizon League (home to Loyola, UIC, and Valpo) are there this weekend – in their own hometown of Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. Go Bulldogs!

No Easter Eggs

The V countdown clock on Lost. ..are we counting down to the return of V – or the show’s demise?

The Bulls and Blackhawks aren’t drawing national viewers. For two big-market teams, it’s kind of embarrassing. Who do they think they are, the White Sox?

Jay Mariotti to get his own talk show. ..and you thought NBC couldn’t get any lower… Beginning this fall, WMAQ-TV will air a new local Sunday night hour-long talk show featuring Mariotti, and his take on Chicago sports, politics, and other issues. He’s calling his studio The Mariottiator and will debate his critics by shouting at them non-stop for five minutes and will call them pussies if they can’t handle it.

This is got to be the most disgusting television project I have ever heard of – I guess they had to fill the space at the NBC Tower left vacant by The Jerry Springer Show somehow. I guess NBC really, truly does stand for Nothing But Crap because it now has Jay Mariotti on its local Chicago station spewing out crap every week…

…and you know what? None of this is true. APRIL FOOL!!!!