T Dog’s Four Pack: Hoop it up!

In honor of the month we all go basketball crazy, we salute the three-point buzzer beaters and the airballs of the last week-and-the-half:

March Madness!

The Bears spend like no tomorrow. Bears sign Julius Peppers and two other free agents last Friday (March 5.) The Bears had a good week last week, hoping to get the team back to Lakers-like contention. Then again, so did NBC.

– Seth MacFarlane strikes back at Matt & Trey. Nearly four years after Cartoon Wars, the Family Guy creator finally strikes back at them at the end of the recent WGA Awards. To listen, click here, wait patiently and scroll all the way down to the end. That’s what I call a slam dunk! (Personally, I recommend you listen to the whole thing, as Jeff Goldsmith of Creative Screenwriting Magazine did a great job putting this podcast together. You will not be sorry.)

– Richard Roeper joins Roe Conn’s afternoon show.
And this after Roeper turned down an offer to work for crosstown rival WGN-AM. Smart move? With Kevin “Pig Virus” Metheny and Randy “Court Jester” MIchaels continuing to shoot airballs over there, you can’t blame them. Good move by WLS.

– Katherine Helgi leaves Grey’s Anatomy.
Here’s to future B-movie stardom! See you at the Clippers game courtside next week?

March Blandness.

– Quality isn’t Job #1.
Your hits of the year so far: Undercover Boss, The Bachelor, The Marriage Ref, and on the radio side, the Bears (NFL team with the most listeners in 2009) and Mancow (#1 in his time slot on WLS, before he got canned.) There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.

– Nancy Loo leaves Fox News Chicago. The lovely Ms. Loo is out at Fox-owned WFLD-TV’s news operation, leaving us with the Chicago version of Jillian Barberie Renyolds, Jan Jeffcoat. Mornings and Noon won’t be the same. It’s like replacing the Bulls Cheeleaders with several Rosie O’Donnell clones.

– Randy “Court Jester” Michaels inane memo.
The Court Jester shot an airball Wednesday by releasing this inane memo (through WGN-AM’s Charlie Meyerson) If his memo banning the use of 119 words from radio and TV stations are meant to “improve the product”, then he’s more delusional than I thought. Anyone who listens for stuff like this is just nitpicking – and needs to get a life. Or is that a hard thing to do now?

90210 and Gossip Girl renewed for another season.
And this despite an average viewership of two million viewers this season. Since Tribune’s nineteen 13 TV stations are CW outlets, I guess these two programs qualifies as hits to the Court Jester. It’s all part of his master plan for world domination to dumb down the planet. Or has that happened already? He and Sam Zell “The Ziphead” are already stupid enough to think The CW is a successful network.