T Dog’s Four Pack – A long time coming

Been awhile since a T Dog’s Four pack was published… so, let’s create one. Now!

What’s Hot:

The New Orleans Saints. …and in fact, the city of New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana. Their recent Super Bowl win was their first in the team’s 42-year history, giving a huge lift to an area devastated by Hurricane Katrina only four years ago.

Super Bowl XLIV breaks all-time viewing record. An estimated 106 million viewers tuned in to the Super Bowl, breaking a 27-year old record set by the final episode of M*A*S*H in 1983.

The Winter Olympics. Ratings for the Vancouver games on NBC are up from the Torino games in 2006 – and are setting ratings records in the host country for CTV – where the Opening Ceremonies broke an all-time ratings record in Canada, only days after the American record fell for the most-watched program of all time.

Mancow out at WLS-AM. The Big 89 finally came to its senses and released Mancow the Moron, a hire that never should happened to begin with. Hopefully his reign of terror over Chicago’s airwaves ends for good.

…and what’s not:

– The networks running fresh fare opposite the Olympics. So much for counter-programming as the Olympics run ripshod over most new episodes of regular prime-time fare, including season lows for Grey’s Anatomy and The Simpsons. Even American Idol was beaten on Wednesday.

– Hyde Park. President Obama’s neighborhood was featured in Time Out Chicago recently – and the picture wasn’t pretty – the neighborhood struggling much like the famous politician is in the White House. Sadly, Hyde Park is more closer to Harvey and Ford Heights than it is to Lincoln Park and Wilmette when it comes to retail development and respectable nightlife (which is not of the strip club caviler.)

– Sarah Palin. Can someone please put The Club on her mouth whenever she speaks? I mean really.

– Pardon the Interruption. Tuesday’s episode featuring the old farts was a complete embarrassment. Michael Wilbon talking about a commercial for male enhancement products and actually endorsing it? Really, is there anyone under the age of 55 still watching this show? I guess Warner Saunders forgot to feed his son Wilbon his strained carrots and burp him before airtime.