Mancow, Cassidy out at WLS-AM

Mancow Mueller has wore out his welcome at yet another Chicago radio station.

He and his on-air partner (former WBBM-AM personality Pat Cassidy) were shown the door at WLS-AM after their show concluded today, ending a run of only sixteen months (or nine more months than The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.)

As of Thursday morning, Cisco Cotto will replace the two in the 9-11 a.m. time slot. Cotto previously was heard on WIND-AM and was recently paired with Roe Conn on WLS in the afternoons.

The program paired up the oddest of Odd Couples: news reader Cassidy and former shock jock Erich “Mancow” Mueller and ran between Don and Wade Roma’s morning drive program and Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated show.

While Mueller – a known libertarian – wanted to distance himself from his shock jock past, his interviews with Drew Peterson and a “waterboarding” stunt he performed (which some say was staged) were scorned by critics. Some of his antics – which he brought directly from his syndicated morning show (and his old Mancow’s Morning Madhouse) – turned off more conservative listeners. Pat Cassidy seemed out of place on the show, which Mancow dominated (and was probably thinking… I left WBBM-AM for this?)

Mueller meanwhile, has exited a Chicago radio station for the third time in the last twelve years. After his contract was not renewed at the former WRCX-FM, he jumped to alternative rocker WKQX-FM in 1998, where he lasted eight years. He often clashed with WKQX executives over creative direction of his Mancow Morning Madhouse, which became syndicated during his tenure there. He moved to WLS-AM in October 2008 to be paired up with Pat Cassidy, who now is expected to return to his old post at WBBM.

The changes being made at WLS is due to new general manager Michael Damsky, who is hoping to reverse a recent ratings slide. He replaced Michael Fowler, whose close friendship which Mueller helped him landed the gig at WLS. When he was dismissed, the cancellation clock was ticking on Mancow and Cassidy.

In another move, Damsky has brought back WLS-TV anchor Ron Magers as a contributor and to provide news updates to Roe Conn’s afternoon show Magers’ position was eliminated a few weeks ago in a budget-cutting move.

WLS-TV and WLS-AM are former sister stations; WLS-AM was sold by ABC to Citadel in 2006.

Thought: Can we send Mancow the Moron back to obscurity where he belongs? The backstabbing sellout flopped on WLS-AM because nobody took him seriously as a talk-show host because of his past, which included partying with porn stars and staged stunts. This latest venture was a joke – he dominated this “partnership” over Pat Cassidy – who was lucky to get a word in edgewise. No, this was more about Mancow the Moron and his infatuation with phony waterboarding stunts, daily rantfests, and murder suspect Drew Peterson, who is another waste of human life.

Before the human waste disposal dried up on WKQX in 2006, Mancow already became irrelevant to the local media scene. As I alluded to in this post from over a year ago, he was mentioned in this blog only fourteen times out of some 1300 posts up to that time. While others were willing to give this man the time of day, yours truly wasn’t going to.

Mancow the Moron is a hypocritical, unfunnny, lying jerk  Рthe same kind of qualities which make you more than qualified to host The Tonight Show these days.