Head for the shelf

It’s shelving day, as several projects are being either delayed or scrapped altogether:

– Fox has indefinitely delayed the premiere of Our Little Genius, the new game show featuring child prodigies answering questions in a new twist on  the old Quiz Kids show. The move came after producer Mark Burnett requested Fox pull the first few episodes because he was not satisfied with them, which means several of them will likely be re-shot. No word on when the series will premiere.

– NATPE Update: While Program Partners has decided to green-light Canadian talk show Steven & Chris, two proposed strips aren’t going to see the light of the TV screen this fall: Warner Bros. has shelved MomLogic, a new daily talk show targeted to mothers with the program remaining in development. Meanwhile, Twentieth Television has decided not to bring out National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer, after failing to secure enough clearances.

Two other off-cable series may also be delayed due to weak responses from TV stations: Debmar-Mercury’s True Hollywood Story and MGM’s Cash Cab, though the latter’s financial problems could prevent the series from coming to market altogether.

Off-cable reality programming may face an upcoming backlash from local broadcasters, as the fare is mostly used as cheap time period filler and outlets now want to steer away from that type of programming.