CBS makes post-Super Bowl slot decision

The Church of Tisch has done it again.

CBS announced it will slot Undercover Boss in the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot on February 7. Undercover Boss is a new reality show which features a supervisor who goes undercover to see if can do a real job at his company.

This marks the first time in over a decade a new program is being launched in the post-Super Bowl slot. Fox launched Family Guy after Super Bowl XXXI on January 31, 1999 as a special preview. The series returned three months later. 

Thought: This sounds like a plot from some B-level sitcom – in fact, it is – Diff’rent Strokes aired an episode during the 1984-85 season in which Mr. Drummond disguised himself as a worker in one of his factories. (The episode was titled Blue Collar Drummond, and it aired on March 9, 1985.) Good grief, is this where ideas for television shows are coming from now? Can’t wait for the reality show featuring kids hanging out a bicycle shop just waiting to be molested by the owner.

In one of the most incoherent posts yours truly has ever wrote on a message board (believe me, there have been many), here’s what I had to say about the matter on PI Feedback (scroll down):

“Congratulations to The Church of Tisch on such a great move! Pastor Moonves and his flock must really feel good about themselves… using an unproven reality show instead of “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Mentalist”, or the new edition of “Survivor” to launch after the Super Bowl… to perform worst than “Three Rivers”. Boy, oh boy, you guys made ol’ Larry Tisch proud! I can hear him celebrating in hell… in which the broadcast networks will be headed thanks to moves like these. Oh, oh… here comes the collection plate to pay for Nina Tassler’s lunch. Imbeciles.”


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