Robert Feder returns

The longtime media columinst of the Chicago Sun-Times is back with a new gig.

Robert Feder, who took a buyout from the Chicago Sun-Times last year after 28 years with the newspaper, is returning to the Chicago media beat as a blogger/columnist for Vocalo, a news and information website run by Chicago Public Radio.

Feder made the announcement on the website today, saying he is eager to return to the media beat he covered at the Sun-Times for so long. In addition to covering traditional media in Chicago, he’ll also cover new media, including the Internet.

Feder’s addition to Vocalo comes as the website is expanding its reach and adding other bloggers and columnists to better serve Chicago.

Vocalo can be found on-air at WBEW-FM (89.5 FM). Vocalo was created two years ago by Chicago Public Radio as an interactive gathering place where individuals can share thoughts and ideas.

In other words – its a place where user-generated content rules. Much of the user-generated content is found on the radio station.

Even though Vocalo is run by Chicago Public Radio, it is not marketed as such and does not solicit funding from its audience, a.k.a “pledge drives”.