Welcome to the fourth season

Wow. It’s been three years already?

Welcome to the fourth season of The T Dog Media Blog. Yes, as of today we enter season number four of the blog with yours truly’s twisted, satirical take on the media business and the incompetent fools who run it.

Yours truly started this blog on September 18, 2006, and to date more than 10,000 individuals have visited this site. Once again, I thank you for stopping by and showing your support, whether you agree or disagree with me on certain issues.

There has been a significant change, and I alluded to this before. In the past, I posted breaking media news stories on the blog, with a peak of a whopping 81 items in September 2007 (stories posted included items on Jay Mariotti, FCC hearings in Chicago, why Nine-FM was failing, and the closure of The Tube music network.) Some of the stories during the first two years were of the “who cares?” variety (like a relationship expert joining B96’s Eddie & JoBo show – well, when they had a show.) Time to tend to this site also became an issue, as I was no longer available to update the site during the day as of August 2008.

And so, I launched a Twitter page earlier this year and now break media news stories there – or more accurately, break them after 6 p.m. weeknights, since I have a gig and can’t tweet on the job (conflict of interest issues…) Plus, it helps cut down on clutter on the mothership, without devoting space to minor items – while allowing me to comment on TV events as they happen in real-time. Yours truly is up to 70 followers and could use more. So come on over to The T Dog Media Blog Twitter Page and read my own twisted take on the media items of the day, by clicking here. You can also read Twitter updates right here on this blog on The Sidebar.

But I’m not abandoning the blog by any means – in fact, there will be more items posted here with more in-death analysis of major media stories affecting Chicago, the major networks, radio, television, and more – not to mention coverage of Comic-Con, TCA, and NATPE  in addition to the twisted, satirical humor (yes, there will be times I will be serious here.) And if Big Media screws up, yours truly will call them out on it, as I have always done.

And of course, you’ll still find T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag, T Dog’s Think Tank, and T Dog’s Four Pack only here on the blog. (Yours truly finally settled on a name for the latter feature, whose name ran the gamut from Who’s in Your Four to T Dog’s Freakin’ Four to T Dog’s Four on the Floor. Yikes!)

And coming soon, yours truly is launching a Facebook page – which will not only feature this blog, but some of my other material I have written over the years, including journal entries, short stories, plays, and some original content (and it’s copyrighted, so don’t even think about it…) As you know, I love to write, and expanding to Facebook would help get more of my work out to the public to enjoy or suffer through.

Of course, I said some of this stuff last year, before yours truly totally underestimated how much time he had to actually pull this off. But I’m working on it. Hey, at least the Twitter page launched!

And in an attempt to eliminate more unnecessary clutter, there will be no more ads on the blog as of today, as we’re going back ad-free (I made only 47 cents so far on this venue, so this tell you how much this is worth…)

The T Dog Media Blog’s expansion continues… First the blog itself, then Twitter, soon Facebook, and whatever the next flash-in-the-pan-social networking fad is. We’re going places! And thank you for coming along for the ride as the fourth season of The T Dog Media Blog begins. Enjoy!


Terence Henderson

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