T Dog’s Four Pack – the start of a new season

The new season is here, and here’s the first T Dog’s Four Pack for the fall 2009 season:


The Emmy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris rocked as host with a smooth and speedy presentation – and the ratings weren’t too bad either.

Glee. This Fox musical dramedy has been picked up for a full season after a strong start and a ratings increase from its So You Think You Can Dance lead-in.

The Dr. Oz Show. A positive start in the ratings for Dr. Mehmet Oz’s new talk show during its first week on the air – who has a warm  and likable personality – and the guy knows what he’s talking about (they don’t call him “Dr.” for nothing.) The man has credentials!

Chet Coppock is back. He’s on a media blitz to promote his new book, “Fat Guys Shouldn’t Be Dancin’ At Halftime.” Catch him this week on a TV show, radio program , or website near you (click here to see the tour dates.) Welcome back, Chet!


The Emmy Voters.  The same ol’ shows win.Again. The same ol’ stars win. Again. The Amazing Race wins for Outstanding Reality Show. Again. And why was Family Guy was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series in the first place when it clearly didn’t have the best season? Come on Emmy voters – we’re asking questions – we want answers.

King of the Hill. Nothing against the final two episodes – they were great and a terrific way to end the series. Unfortunately, a new live-action Scooby-Doo movie (with 6.1 million viewers for Cartoon Network) out drew it head-to-head on September 13. Maybe the King finale should have been live-action instead…

The Beautiful Life and The New Melrose Place. Nobody’s watching these shows… but you just watch, CW will renew this stuff, and it’s just another reason why the broadcast networks are dying.

Milton Bradley. Even as a White Sox fan, yours truly doesn’t find his antics entertaining. Chicago is already home to an self-absorbed, overrated jackass and his name is Kayne West. If Bradley ever steps back out into the outfield at Wrigley Field as a Cub – or a visiting team, look for Kanye to grab the fly ball Bradley would’ve dropped in right field anyway and proclaim him “the best right-fielder ever.”