Chicago’s May PPM results

This is based on the 6+ numbers provided by Arbitron and (don’t forget – Radio & Records – who also provided numbers – no longer exists.)


WBBM-AM, The Mix (WTMX), V103 (WVAZ), WUSN-FM, Kiss 103.5 (WKSC), The Loop (WLUP)

Honorable Mention:

Soul 106.3 (WSRB-FM – thank you, Tom Joyner)

Losing Steam:

WLS-AM, The Drive (WDRV-FM)


Power 92 (WPWX), B96 (WBBM-FM), WFMT


WNUA-FM as a Smooth Jazz station, who flipped to Spanish last month

Click here for the full chart. WBBM-AM remains on top, while WLUP surged and WVAZ had a good showing, despite the departure of Tom Joyner. He did however, help WSRB to a 33 percent increase month-to-month.

After a strong showing, Power 92 regressed in May, with the biggest drop (35 percent) of any station in the survey – putting it even farther behind its rival (WGCI-FM), who remained flat. Sorry Power, it’s off to the loser’s circle for this performance. Meanwhile, B96 has fallen further behind its Top 40 rival (WKSC-FM.)

The alarm bells should be sounding off at both WLS-AM and The Drive, but both still performed well enough to stay in the top ten.

WNUA finished its run as a Smooth Jazz outlet with a 13 percent drop. On May 22, it flipped to a Spanish Pop format.