My Network TV’s new 2009-10 lineup

But don’t call it new.

The network, which now bills itself as a programming service, unveiled its 2009-10 lineup with barely any original programming. The only original program airing on the service is WWE Smackdown on Fridays.

Monday through Wednesdays will feature reruns of existing fare with Law & Order: Criminal Intent on Mondays; Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and Deal or No Deal on Tuesdays; The Unit on Wednesdays (the show enters weekend syndication in 2010); a movie on Thursdays and Smackdown on Fridays.

The rerun episodes of Deal are those that ran in syndication; the existing NBC episodes have been sold to GSN for stripping beginning on Monday. NBC canceled the prime-time version of Deal or No Deal earlier this year.

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader will make its first-run syndicated debut this fall.

My Network TV gave Saturday nights back to the affiliates to program. With The CW making a similar move on Sundays, both netlets are out of the programming business on the weekends, with the exception of 4 Kids TV’s lineup on CW on Saturdays.

While repeat programming will dominate the schedule, there are first-run specials on tap including The 2009 World Music Awards and The Hollywood Christmas Parade.

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