CW unveils 2009-10 schedule

Call it The Drama Channel.

CW announced new dramas for the 2009-10 television campaign at its upfront presentation with a lineup with no comedies and just one reality show.

Mondays remain status quo, Tuesday is retro night with new episodes of 90210 and Melrose Place, Wednesdays has Top Model and the new scripted drama Beautiful Life, featuring models trying to make it in New York; Thursdays has Dark Shadows clone Vampire Diaries and the returning Supernatural, while Fridays have Smallville and a Top Model encore. Midseason has Parental Discretion Advised – no, CW isn’t raunching up its schedule Family Guy style, but it’s a new drama regarding a girl looking for her biological parents. Clever title.

Analysis: If you’re looking for good dramas – try TNT – their tagline is We Know Drama. The CW’s tagline should be We Don’t Know Sh** About Drama.

Outside of Supernatural and Smallville, there’s no reason to watch this network. Turning it into the all-drama channel won’t boost ratings.

Is CW’s Tuesday night lineup stuck in 1993? This was Fox’s Wednesday lineup. Boy, it was good. But this is 2009 – nothing new or innovative about it. The Beautiful Life – wait a minute, is this another remake? Remember Models, Inc.? Should be just as entertaining as NBC’s lame remake of the lame Harver Valley PTA sitcom Parks and Recreation (wait, that isn’t a remake?)

Bad move breaking up Smallville and Supernatural – Thursdays were the only successful night CW had with two very good shows. And there’s still a Top Model encore Friday nights? The only smart thing they did was give Sunday back to the affiliates to program.

CW should stand for Can’t Win. They won’t with this pathetic lineup.