T Dog’s Four Pack : The Baseball Edition

In honor of the start of another baseball season, we have an out-of-the-park edition of T Dog’s Four Pack:

You can put it on the board, yes!

– Super Saturday. All of Chicago’s four sports teams who played on Saturday (including the Bulls and Blackhawks, who are in the playoffs) hit a home run, with each winning their games. The real question is, can they keep up their momentum? (The Bulls and Blackhawks fell back to earth Monday night by losing.)

– Southland. NBC’s new L.A-based drama is a little too formulaic for yours truly’s tastes, but it held its’ audience in its’ second week and beat CBS’ Harper Island in adults 18-49.

– Tom Joyner returns to Chicago. As predicted here, the Fly Jock returns to Chicago on Soul 106.3 beginning Wednesday. Great job, Crawford Broadcasting.

– Susan Boyle’s performance on YouTube. A “Britain’s Got Talent” performer drew over 12 million views with her performance, worthy of a Philadelphia Phillies World Championship.

Grab Some Bench

– Miss USA. Um, this aired last Sunday night – at 6 p.m.?! (It looks like Ben Silverman was high again when he was making schedule decisions.) Way to go, NBC. Next stop: Cable obscurity, where the Miss America Pageant and the San Diego Padres already reside.

– The Amazing Race. A Yankees-Red Sox-like brawl on Sunday’s edition leaves very little to be desired. Is this becoming The Bad Girls Club or Flavor of Love?

– Sit Down, Shut Up. Worst animated series ever? Speaking of annoying pieces of fecal matter, the phrase should also apply to Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa.

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here returns to TV. Which may feature disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagoveich. I’m a TV viewer, get this bullsh** off my screen! Once again, Nothing But Crap honcho Ben Silverman was high when making these type of schedule decisions…