WGN-TV, CLTV to intergrate operations

I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner….

The Tribune Co. announced it was streamlining its two local news operations in Chicago – those of WGN-TV and cable channel CLTV.

Beginning soon, CLTV’s news operations (currently based in west suburban Oak Brook) will move to WGN’s Bradley Place headquarters in Chicago.

CLTV is Chicago’s first and only around-the-clock local news channel (aside from infomercials running from 1 to 4 a.m.) CLTV signed on in 1993, and is only available on Comcast cable (not available to RCN, WOW, or satellite TV subscribers.)


2 thoughts on “WGN-TV, CLTV to intergrate operations

    • I absolutely agree that I’m surprised the combining of CLTV and WGN News hasn’t happened much sooner. IF the Tribune Company were smart, they would rename CLTV to something like WGN NEWS 24/7 and ALSO carry it on one of WGN-TV’s digital subchannels. I think “WGN” has more of a connection or branding with viewers than “CLTV” does. Viewers would seem to know the “WGN” name more than “CLTV.” Perhaps they should also try airing a local overnight news hour like WGN-TV Channel 9’s long ago “Night Beat” late night news program. I am tired of countless infomercials during the overnight hours along with NETWORK news. I’d prefer a local news program.

    • I agree about putting CLTV on one of their digital subs – it shocked me to find out CLTV has an exclusive deal with Comcast. Why not make a deal with RCN, WOW, and satellite providers (wonder if it’s a money issue…) It doesn’t make sense to me.

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