T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

News on Heroes, WGN, and The CW.

– Stick a fork in them, they’re done: NBC’s Heroes hit a series low Monday night, finishing fourth in total viewers (7 million) and a weak third in adults 18-49 behind sitcom repeats on CBS and The Bachelor on ABC – not to mention landing in the loser’s circle in Marc Berman’s Programming Insider.

Here in Chicago (if anyone cares), Heroes earned a 3.5 household rating and 5 share, placing fourth in the time period.

WGN-TV has promoted Sandy Pudar to executive producer of its morning newscast, succeeding Jennifer Lyons, who was promoted to assistant news director.

– The CW has renewed six of its programs for next season: Gossip Girl, 90210, Smallville, Supernatural, America’s Next Top Model, and One Tree Hill. The CW also picked up a drama from Ashton Kutcher about models living in New York City, and a Melrose Place revival.

Thought: I keep wondering why The Church of Tisch and Time Warner keep throwing their money away on this waste of a network. Aside from Smallville and Supernatural, there isn’t one show here that deserves to be renewed, period. A revival of Melrose Place? A rip-off of mid-90’s dud Models, Inc.? Innovative ideas are bankrupt at The CW, where a 0.0 rating is considered a success. But hey, it’s good news for The T Dog Media Blog, as The CW will no doubt continue to be its’ whipping boy right on through 2010 (somebody has to, given Nine-FM – another low-rated waste – doesn’t exist anymore…)


2 thoughts on “T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

    • I absolutely agree with your "thoughts" about the CW. The only good shows on there are "Smallville," "Supernatural," and "Reaper." Hopefully, "Reaper" will do well when it returns starting next week and will be renewed for next season too. I'm just wondering how much longer Sam Zell and Tribune will stick with the CW, given the low ratings it gets and the way the network's shows seem out of place with Tribune's stations schedules, such as WGN-TV. I'm sure those CW viewers do not stay to watch WGN News at Nine. Channel 9 would do better by getting the Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox games it shipped over to WCIU-TV to help fill in prime time holes. If Channel 9 does have the Chicago rights to repeats of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" for next fall, that show would be a better prime time vehicle on the Tribune station. Given this poor economy, I can't see the CW lasting too much longer. At least, Zell & Company were wise to get the CW off their San Diego station last fall in exchange for Fox programming. But that sort of swap can't happen here in Chicago. Though, I could see the CW landing on WCIU-TV Channel 26 if WGN ever parts ways with the network. Poor WCIU!

    • Good post, John (and agreed on “Reaper.”) It is quite strange to see a female-oriented prime-time lineup on WGN and other Trib stations with a syndicated lineup of “Two and a Half Men” and “Family Guy”. This fall on Channel 9, it’s “Tyra” at 4 and “Millionaire” at 5 (assuming “Millionaire” keeps that slot) and local news at 5:30? A train wreck of a schedule in the making.

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