T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

Sunflower Cable cries Uncle; More Super Bowl numbers; Costas leaves HBO; No Super Bowl bump for NBC

– NBC hoped it would get an audience for its Monday lineup of Chuck, Heroes, and Medium. Didn’t work.

– But NBC did get some good news: Super Bowl XLIII viewership was adjusted upward to 98.7 million viewers – making it the most-watched Super Bowl in history, which the Pittsburgh Steelers won its sixth Super Bowl title.

– Bob Costas has left HBO to join Major League Baseball’s new cable network, which launched January 1. Costas will host special programs on its network and also will handle play-by-play announcer duties on its baseball coverage. Costas remains with NBC Sports.

– In another follow up to an article posted here on January 7, Sunflower Cable has restored Hearst-Argyle’s TV stations to its subscribers in Lawrence, Kansas. Both (ABC affiliate KMBC-TV and CW affiliate KCWE-TV out of Kansas City) were yanked from the system on Dec. 31 because of a contract dispute.

Earlier, KTKA-TV – which is owned by the same company who owns Sunflower Cable, which kept the two stations off its system – returned to Dish Network on January. The General Manager of KTKA just happens to be Sunflower COO Patrick Knorr’s wife.