T Dog’s Four Pack – Liars, losers, and Joaquin Phoenix

Didn’t do one last week, so this is for the last two weeks: The winners and losers…

Fab Four

– Survivor. Another winning edition of Survivor, both in the ratings and in quality. And it drew more viewers in the 18-49 demo than its’ lead-out, CSI Thursday night – a first.

– The Simpsons in HD. Had the look and feel of The Simpsons Movie. And the episode wasn’t bad, either.

– Conan O’ Brien. Yours truly thought Late Night with Conan O’ Brien wouldn’t last past 1994 (and so did a lot of people.) But persistence paid off for O’Brien, who leaves the post-Tonight Show slot after sixteen years this week to take over The Tonight Show itself June 1. (A side note: Conan O’Brien used to write for The Simpsons way back when.)

David Letterman slams Joaquin Phoenix. Nice to have the old Dave back. (Click link to read comments and look at interview.)

Flop Four

– Roland Burris. Did you really lie? Not cool.

– Alex Rodriguez. And the same goes for you.

– Bud Selig. You say the steroid allegations annoys the you-know-what-out-of-you? You destroyed the game of baseball, so I say the feeling is more than mutual if we continued to accuse you of turning a blind eye to what was going on all these years, you sniveling jackass. You, Alex Rodriguez, and Roland Burris all should get a room.

– My Network TV. The “network” has decided to cut back on original programming by acquiring repeats of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and now are calling themselves a “programming service” instead of a “network”. I call it “throwing in the towel”.