T Dog’s Four Pack

It is sad I could barely scrape up four positive items to put in this week’s four pack. It just goes to show you how bad this business has really become.

T Dog’s Fab Four:

– Bones. The procedural’s move to Thursday nights finally puts Fox on the map with a 3.2 A18-49 rating, defeating ABC’s Ugly Betty.

– NCIS. How can a repeat of this program draw more than 10 million viewers on Tuesday night?

The FCC. No, you’re not reading a misprint. The FCC decided not to investigate how 30 seconds of porn wound up on a Comcast cable feed last Sunday in Tuscon, Ariz. (3rd item), interrupting the Super Bowl because it doesn’t have jurisdiction. I guess common sense has returned to the agency since Kevin Martin left.

– Super Bowl XLIII. What a game! And what about those numbers? 98.7 million viewers, the most watched Super Bowl ever (I think.) And how about Santonio Holmes and that touchdown catch? Congratulations, Pittsburgh – Six Super Bowl titles!

T Dog’s Flop Four

– Michael Phelps. What was he thinking?

– Warner Saunders. Seriously, what was he thinking ?

– DTV transition pushed back to June 12. This means Chicago viewers of CBS-owned WBBM-TV – which nobody can get on an over-the-air digital TV – won’t be able to switch to digital Channel 12 from Channel 3 until June 12, meaning no Big Bang Theory or Survivor or other WBBM programming in OTA HD for anyone in the Windy City until then.

And this delay is supposed to help whom again?

– Michael Wilbon. Okay, So you didn’t like the Coke Zero Super Bowl ad – or the Super Bowl commercials, or popular culture, or anything fun. This, from someone who thinks Jim Belushi has talent. What do you know about talent?

Instead of calling for those behind the Coke Zero ad to be fired, how about YOU being fired? You can hang out with your BFF Warner Saunders after his retirement, reminiscing about the days the both of you were constantly screwed over by the press, and I hope it’s soon, you arrogant prick. And that goes for your equally dumb-as-shit co-host Tony Tony Kornheiser as well.

For a person who claims he had a Catholic high school education here in Chicago (like I did), you sure aren’t showing any. And by the way, tuck in your shirt.

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