Amy Jacobson vs. CBS: Round one goes to Amy

A Cook County judge is allowing a lawsuit filed by former WMAQ-TV reporter Amy Jacobson against CBS and its O&O here (WBBM-TV) to go forward after the station videotaped her at Craig Stebic’s house in July 2007. The tape aired on the station and cost Ms. Jacobson her job. Stebic is a suspect in the disappearence of his wife, who still hasn’t been found.

Four of the eight counts in the lawsuit are going forward, including “Intentional inflection of Emotional Distress” and “False Light”.

Thought: Not about this case (I’ve said a lot on that already), but to the linked article and the haphazard way this story was written: Come on Eric Zorn, can you do a better job in writing this? The second paragraph of your story looks like it was written by someone in the sixth grade. You can do better than that!