T Dog’s Groovy Grab Bag

Inauguration ratings; Litton clears Street Court in New York and Chicago; Erica Cobb has a new gig.

– The Inauguration of Barack Obama scored in the ratings yesterday, with the most watched swearing-in ceremony since President Reagan in 1981, with a 29.2 rating in the 56 markets metered by Nielsen on an “overnight” basis. In Chicago, here’s how the household ratings broke down for each local station from 11a.m. to 11:30 a.m.:

WLS (ABC): 13.7/28; WMAQ (NBC): 7.4/15; WBBM (CBS): 2.2/5; WFLD (FOX): 2.1/4

Ratings for WGN-TV were not available.

Best performance of a station in a top 30 market: KSDK-TV (NBC) in St. Louis, which notched a 17.2/39. Worst: KSWB-TV (Fox) in San Diego with a scant 0.5/1. Of particular note in the Top 30 was a lot of CBS affiliates trailing their NBC and ABC counterparts, including Detroit, whose local news-less O&O (WWJ) notched only a 1.1/3. (Thanks to Douglas at PIFeedback.com. Click here and scroll down to see the entire list.)

Keep in mind the ratings do not take into account millions more watching on the Internet.

– Litton Entertainment has cleared its new courtroom strip Street Court on WCIU-TV here in Chicago and WPIX-TV in New York. With these big clearences, the program is likely to get a “firm go” at the NATPE convention in Las Vegas next week.

Street Court is presided by former Brooklyn D.A. Michael Mazzariello (also known as “Judge Mazz”), who takes the warring parties out of the courtroom and on the scene of where the dispute happened.

On WCIU, Street Court could take over the 2 p.m. time period now occupied by Judge Karen, which has reportedly been canceled after one season. Sony has not recently said anything about the show’s future, or that of Judge David Young.

– Erica Cobb, who appeared on the now-defunct Eddie & JoBo show on WBBM-FM, has landed at Entercom’s KALC-FM in Denver(Alice 105.9), where she will join the BJ & Howie show, effective Monday.


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    • Street Court is my new favorite court show. I only started watching it about a month ago as I was flipping through channels. I think it is a neat concept to settle cases at the scene of the dispute. It's funny when he calls litigants "huckaleros". I had to look up that word the first time I heard it. Excellent show!

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