T Dog’s Four Pack

It’s back! After a few weeks of being on hiatus, the weekly list of winners and losers returns.

The Four Fab Pack

– Marie Osmond. What a career comeback. She’s performing with her brother on stage in Vegas and now her new talk show for fall has cleared 70 percent of the country in syndication. And she’s still fine.

– The Big Bang Theory. Even though it was a repeat, this week’s episode was LOL funny, about Sheldon’s ordeal over getting his driver’s license. See you in off-net syndication in 2011!

– House votes down DTV switch. It’s time to get this over with. But those who support the switch to June 12 are still pushing hard.

– The Doctors. Amid the doom and gloom coming from NATPE this week, here’s another bright spot: This past Wednesday in Cincinnati, the new one-hour medical advice show scored a whopping 14.4 household rating and 24 household share at 9 a.m. (!) on CBS affiliate WKRC-TV.

That’s many more viewers than The Oincho Cinco & Dusty Baker Power Failure Hour – starring Bengals player Chad Johnson and Reds manager Dusty Baker, who continue to prove why Cincinnati’s pro sports teams don’t win a lot.

The Four Flop Pack

– Gov. Rod Blagoveich. How many shows he appeared on this week to proclaim his innocence? Good Morning America, Today, Larry King, and I think Sesame Street and How I Met Your Mother. Pathetic. Goodbye and good riddance.

– Geraldo Rivera. How about it when he blasted Rep. John Fritchey and his kind for being crooks on his cable news channel show. Yes, this crap is from the same guy who basically exploited people on his daytime talk show constantly for eleven years. And he talks about politicians being scumbags? You practically wrote the book on being one Geraldo, so Who Are You Crappin’?

– The Chicago Bulls. The only thing worst other than having to watch the Bulls? Watching the Clippers and the Wizards play.

– NATPE. Attendance is down 14 percent from a year ago as the economy and the changing way of doing business took its toll on the yearly gathering in Las Vegas. The lackluster crowds led to a lackluster convention, with hardly any news coming from there. It’s time to re-invent this gathering, a concept NATPE brass doesn’t seem to grasp.