So, why do you live here?

The Chicago Tribune asked this question regarding Chicago’s frigid weather in January – a really, really, really stupid question…. And boy, did yours truly ever respond:

This article is one of the most insipid pieces of crap I’ve ever read on the Tribune’s website. It’s January. It’s supposed to be cold! Big deal! Why is this a story? Does The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press waste space by asking why people live in Detroit in January (or any other time of the year?)

So, “why do you live here”, you ask? To witness the ridiculous freak show that is Chicago media – nowhere else you can find TV station bosses making employees pay for their expensive lunches, TV reporters showing up at the Stebic household in a bikini, and Jerry Springer showing up as a commentator on your newscast. Only in Chicago!

This article just proves what a joke Chicago journalism is. What’s next, you’re going to hire that pathetic loser Jim Belushi as the editor-in-chief? Oh, it looks like you already have. Another smart move by Sam “committed to mediocrity” Zell. Perhaps a better question you geniuses should ask is, “Why is no one is reading the Tribune anymore?”

Ah… it’s nice to have the biting commentary back. All it takes for one dumb article to set yours truly off. And this just shows you how the Chicago Tribune has gone down the drain since Zell the Dope took over.

T Dog’s Think Tank Archive (from July 15, 2007): Local media blows it again

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