DTV switch date defeated in House

If you haven’t gotten your converter box – you’d better bet cracking.

The House defeated a bill that would have extended the analog cut-off date to June 12. The Obama Administration wanted the deadline to be extended because there was fear a lot of Americans weren’t ready for the switchover and the coupon program ran out of money.

With the defeat of the bill (which sailed through the Senate unanimously), the date for the analog cut-off is still February 17 – at least for now.

The House vote became a partisan one, as most Republicans voted against the bill. The piece of legislation was opposed by broadcasters, public safety officials (who need the analog signals) and others.

Currently, it is estimated 6 million Americans are not prepared for the digital switchover.

Thought: I’d never thought I say this, but yours truly is siding with the Republicans on this issue (and I guess I’ll become a Cubs fan, too.) Don’t mean to sound harsh but, if these 6 million Americans didn’t get the message regarding the DTV switchover date – a date set four years ago, mind you – why should the rest of us should pay? Let them figure it out for themselves. Delaying the switch isn’t going to make the number drop any faster. Whether if its Feburary 17 or June 12, somebody will complain about their TV getting shut off. Deal with it.

Update: Here is a more detailed look on the digital transition from TV Barn – plus some audio. Good work, Aaron!

Updated at 9:10 p.m.