Crisis at RTN – Film at 10

A feud between Equity Media Holdings and Luken Communications left RTN off the air for close to four hours on Sunday morning. The spat came after a breakdown in an extension of an agreement on the use of Equity’s automated system to uplink customized local schedules to RTN’s 80+ affiliates.

After failing to come to an agreement, Luken officials decided to move master control operations from Little Rock, Ark. to Chattanooga, Tenn, therefore knocking the network off the air Sunday morning. Because of other issues of need to iron out, all RTN stations will be running the same satellite-fed schedule, at least for the time being.

However, Equity-owned stations (WPXS-TV in Mt. Vernon, IL, serving the St. Louis market and WNGS-TV in Buffalo) have dropped the RTN network entirely.

Equity owned RTN but it was sold to shareholder Henry Luken last spring. Equity recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection – the same day Tribune filed for theirs.

Retro Television currently carries a lineup of classic TV shows mostly from NBC Universal’s library and formerly carried programming from CBS’ library. But a dispute with CBS over unpaid debt led them to pull its show from the channel last summer.

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